Management policy

Strategy: the body is in jinke, heart, be bibcock, contribute to society.
Management policy: market-oriented, leading technology, quality, the talent for this.
Market policy: to forge ahead, to be leader, creating famous brand, customer satisfaction.
Staff spirit: make concerted efforts, hard work, to create wealth, meet the demand.

Code of conduct

Failure is the mother of success. We can't let a stone tripped twice.
The mother of success and failure, therefore, should have the consciousness of "arms bomb".
Is that your customers next procedure, make the customer satisfied, can reflect our values.

Quality management

High quality products are produced, not the inspection.

Human management

Our values: "employees are the most valuable resource.
Talent training is a dynamic process, namely "- the ability to do things growth - do greater things".
Company in the position, there must be "run a few steps to touch the" request, thus to employees of the establishment of self-confidence and ability to grow.
We should also remember Goethe's maxim: treat people as he is, people will be as he is; Treat people as he should be, will be like he should be




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